misa obradovic

New fashion story for MMS

“Tajne vinove loze”

misa obradovic

Vanja Ejdus and Gordan Kicic

When artists meet

The second collaboration between Misha Obradovic and the cellist Nemanja Stankovic resulted in the form of Stankovic’s new album cover “Tragovi”. Empowered by the phenomenal design by Studio General Condi+ion and Jovan Lakic the album was released on Christmas Eve.

TP T-shirt

The creator of the brand – Tamara Paunovic model and designer possess for the new campaign in the style of the supermodels of the 90s!
yfitnesslab misha obradovic dejan cvetkovic _deyan__

yfitnesslab campaign

Through black and white photography Misha created a minimal but strong look for Yfitnesslab.com , a concept that brings together medicine and fitness. In front of his lens is the creator of the concept Dejan Cvetkovic a physiotherapist and speedfitess EMS instructor.